Our Heat treatment furnaces  

with the latest CNC controling technology. Environmentally friendly because natural gas-operated.
These furnaces cover a huge demand for specially high volume machine parts.

Within modernisation in 2013 the furnaces were introduced.

Furnace 1
8.5x8.5x3m klVolume: 216,75 cubic meters
Length: 8,5 m
Width:   8,5 m
Height:  3,0 m
CNC controlled. Here, Steel Tyres, Girth Gears and other big parts up to  Ø 8000 mm are being heat treated.

Furnace 2
5.5X5.5X5m Gr klVolume: 151,25 cubic meters
Lenght: 5,5 m
Width:   5,5 m
Height:  5,0 m
CNC controlled. This furnace being used for parts and components that are very high, e.g. Slag Ladles or Steel Ladles.

Furnace 3
2X2X8m klVolume: 32 cubic meters
Lenght: 8,0 m
Width:   2,0 m
Height:  2,0 m
CNC controlled. In this furnace we treat extra long, but narrow parts, e.g. Rolling Mill Framework.

Furnace 4
3.5X3.5X7m For Shafts kl
Volume: 85,75 cubic meters
Lenght: 7,0 m
Width:   3,5 m
Height:  3,5 m
NC controlled. These two furnaces are especially for very long Milling Shafts.