Some casting Materials as example

  • Ductile iron GGG (GJS)
  • GGG-40; GGG-50; GGG-60; GGG-70 to DIN 1693
  • Grey cast iron GG (GJL)
  • Steel castings for general purposes GS (GE)
  • GS-38; GS-45; GS-52; GS-60 and more in accordance with DIN 1681
  • Cast steel with improved weldability and toughness
  • GS-16 Mn 5; GS-20 Mn 5 and more in accordance with DIN 17182
  • Quenched for general purposes +QT +V
  • GS-25 CrMo 4; GS-34 CrMo 4; GS-42 CrMo 4; GS-30 CrMoV 6 4 DIN 17205
  • Non-Ferrous materials

Just like other materials, composition and alloys according to customer requirement and application